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Give exactly what your web users need from your website content using Askem. Askem shows you how to make your web content the best it can be!

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It is a one-stop-shop for feedback, reporting, and insights

Let our website content feedback tool help you feel more confident about your website content.

Receive Feedback
Our customers see 30x more feedback through our tool than other competitors on the market.
Improve Customer Satisfaction
See what web pages to prioritise by ordering its feedback from highest to lowest performance.
Reduce Customer Service Costs
Action web content updates based on the feedback and see how it reduces calls and emails.

Let our website content feedback tool help you feel more confident about your website content.

It is a one-stop-shop for feedback, reporting, and insights

Receive feedback
Customise and install our tool which applies to every page on the website that matters to you.
Prioritise feedback
See what feedback to prioritise by ordering highest to lowest performing pages.
Process feedback
Mark feedback as handled once the feedback has actioned an update for that pages' content.

We've solely been for enterprise-level companies, well, not any more.

We’ve listened to our potential customers' feedback, and we’ve created a new software to serve more businesses than ever before.

Our parent software (React & Share) is trusted on more than 3.6 million pages worldwide.

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Complimentary 1-2-1 content consultancy (worth £1500)
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Free installation support
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But how does our feedback tool help your business hit its goals for 2022?

For real business impact

Did you know that on average 52% of web visitors don't find what they were looking for?

If you drive any traffic to your website, our feedback tool will capture if your customers did. And, if they didn’t, we capture what they wanted to find.

It’s not about collecting feedback, it’s about the impact the feedback has on your business.

and you'll receive feedback, faster.

Our feedback tool gathers feedback 24/7 on your website, on a page-specific basis, quicker than any other tool in the market. You'll be able to learn more quicker than your competitors.

and get more feedback of better quality.

Typically our customers see 30x more feedback than other competitors on the market, but we ensure there’s no overwhelm by ensuring there's strategy behind your feedback management.

You’ll be surprised at how willing your customers are to give feedback and the speed it comes in via our tool over any other.

to fix content gaps, and battle content decay

Hey, we’re all human, and unless you’re a mind-reader no one person can foresee the needs of every type of user that visits your website. So let’s just let your users tell you what they want, and where potential content gaps can be fixed.

And your boss will love you for it

Use our indepth reporting system and showcase the true positive impact of your web content on your wider business goal automatically with our impact reporting.

No more manual reports, we do it all for you.

Quality feedback, not Quantity feedback.

What's one useful piece of feedback, from your customer, worth to you?

It's not the quantity that matters but the quality of that feedback that can help other customers and compound positively over time.

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Old vs New

Askem is a one-stop-shop for feedback, reporting, and insights

Feedback Forms and Surveys
Slow to receive feedback
Lack of responses
Spammy comments
24/7 Feedback
Receive feedback fast
Content & page specific
Open text-box format
Google Analytics
Just shows number of visitors
Guess what your customers need
No qualitative info
Customer Satisfaction scores
Qualitative and Quantitative data
Benchmark your improvement
One-time Content Audits
Time intensive
Expensive: £5,000 - £30,000
No continuous improvements
Continuous Content Audits
See what works and what doesn't
Create a content maintenance plan
Easily make updates
High Customer Support Costs
High number of customer emails
Higher number of customer calls
Waiting time for support tickets
Reduce Customer Service Costs
Content that self-serves customers
No need to ask CS for help
Less unhappy customers
A Feeling of Unconfidence
Guess what your customers need from your web content without any proof of data to back-up what they actually need.

The old way is time-intensive & expensive.
Starting from £899+
per month
Feel 100% Confident
Become the data-driven member of your team and report back to stakeholders easily, knowing that your website content delivers on your goals.
Starting from £49+
per month
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Askem?
Askem is the only way to truly know if your customers have found what they are looking for, through our page-specific web content feedback tool. Not only do we receive your customers feedback, but it’s managed and reported so you can see its true impact on your business goals.
When can I start using Askem?
Right now! As of February 2022 we've launched our new affordable feedback tool for your web content. Start your free trial now via the buttons on our website.
Who is behind Askem?
We are a Finnish company, based in London and Helsinki. Our company is made up of 13 lovely people, who genuinely love to help others use feedback to improve their website UX, convert faster, and serve your customers through better web content. Your success matters to us.

"Managing social media was never this easy." - Rob Lewis

I saw which of my campaigns were working in real time. SaasBox changed the way our entire marketing department worked. I don’t think we’ve ever had a tool that’s been able to so quickly provide us with feedback.

Customer X achieved 12x ROI in the first month !

Explain how the customer was in a similar situation as your user, struggling with similar problems. Talk about their transition to your product and the outcome: how it solved their problems and helped them achieve their goals.

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