Do you know what your web users really want? Askem.

Powerful feedback collection and analysis tool.

1. Collect content-specific website feedback

  • Get over 30x more feedback than with any other tool
  • Works on any content management system
  • Easy to customise to fit any brand and website
  • Feedback is page specific, which means it's very actionable

2. Identify content gaps & prioritise work

  • Measure customer satisfaction on each page
  • Identify where web content is lacking
  • Pin-point exact problems based on feedback
  • Assign tasks to your team

3. Save time & money

Gaining visibility to user sentiment has huge benefits:

  • Save time by focusing only on content that matters to your users
  • Save money by reducing avoidable customer service contacts by up to 50%
  • Save 30% on your website maintenance costs by continuous improvement

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Askem is for organisations who strive to inform their customers

Large Public Organisations

"We use Askem for continuous improvement and quality assurance for Compared to other tools it gives clear and concrete insights on how to improve our content and the feedback shows exactly what information users didn't find."

Aleksi Salonen, Communications expert at
City of Helsinki

Membership Organisations

“With Askem we've been able to improve and simplify the language used on our website to make the content more accessible, concise and serve our citizens better.”

Anni Muukkonen, Communications planner at


"We have received valuable, content-specific feedback – both constructive, and also surprisingly validating of our content production.

Listening to customers through the tool has alerted us to unexpected bugs (such as usability issues), helped prioritize long-term plans and verify the impact of improvements made."

Anna Malén, Head of Digital Marketing & Marketing Operations at

Improve customer satisfaction and cost efficiency

Ensure your website content is relevant, accurate and answers the questions your visitors have.

  • Double your website customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your customer service contacts by up to 50%
  • Save 30% on your website maintenance costs

The missing leg in your existing analytics stack

The most important perspective for website performance is the users! Make sure to track and improve upon their experience on your site. Our service is used to enhance existing website performance analysis stack.

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Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a more effective, efficient website with Askem.

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