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internal communication


With the Askem tool integrated into SharePoint, you can effectively collect feedback on the functionality of your intranet content. This ensures that your employees can find the information they need more quickly and motivates your team members to maintain important internal information.

Suitable for Sharepoint Online and on-premises Sharepoint versions 2016 and higher.

An employee-centric view: quickly learn what works and what doesn't on your intranet.

Boost development: direct resources to the areas that need your attention.

Motivate administrators: authentic and quick feedback encourages intranet administrators to continuously improve content.

Our customers say

1. Increased feedback

2. Improved efficiency

3. Effortless

Using Askem's reaction buttons, we have been able to provide a direct and quick way for intranet users to report any shortcomings in the content of a particular page and to provide suggestions for improvement with a low threshold. Since the launch, the amount of feedback we have received has increased significantly. This feedback has helped us to improve the quality of our content.

Hanna Loraine, Taideyliopisto

The aim was to provide an easy way for staff to give feedback on the intranet redesign. The user can give immediate feedback on the content. The tool has been used to communicate to content providers what people are looking for in each article. The tool has helped to identify where content needs to change. Gaps in content have been identified and it has strongly guided content production. The benefit of the tool is that it makes it easy to know whether content is meeting users' needs, making it easier to respond to them.

Tiina Koivulahti, Helsingin seurakuntayhtymä

I would especially praise you for making a Sharepoint app - easy to install, works in a modern website like a native program. Rarely is software so hassle-free!

Eeva Silin, Helsingin seurakuntayhtymä

We believe that the best way to understand how your intranet works is to listen to your employees

Supports internal communication

The solution is suitable for internal communication professionals and those responsible for Intranet. The solution is particularly useful for companies and organisations where the main source of internal information is the intranet and the maintenance of intranet content is divided between different teams and departments.

Want to know if your web users have found what they're looking for? Askem!

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