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How do I assign feedback?

You can only assign feedback if us have Askem Teams or Askem Enterprise. This is not supported with Askem Solo. Now that we got this out of the way, let’s talk about the Assigning a Feedback feature.

There are 2 types of feedback assigning. One is assigning feedback to a teammate who is a member of your Askem Organisation, and the other one is assigning feedback to someone who is not a member.

Let’s first tackle what assigning feedback to someone who is not a member of your Askem Organisation means. If the person is not a member you can send the feedback to them via email. They will be able to see the feedback in their email, but won’t be able to go to your Askem Dashboard and see the rest of your data, or take any actions about the feedback you assigned to them.

If you are an Admin user in your Askem Organisation, you will also have the opportunity to invite someone as a member, as long as your Askem Plan allows it.

Here’s the process for Assigning Feedback:

  1. Once you are on the Insights Page and have selected an Article, choose the feedback you’d like to assign
  2. Click on the “actions” icon (three vertical lines)
  3. Click on “Assign”
  4. On the right side options panel you can now see multiple action you can take: a) Choose a member in your organization to assign feedback to via the drop down and b) Write the email of someone outside of your organization 
  5. (Optional) Check the “add as a member” box, if you like to add the person as your Askem team member. Only Admins can do this. 
  6. (Optional) Type a custom message
  7. Click “Send”
  8. The assignee will receive an email with the assigned feedback and/or notification on their dashboard, and you (along with your other Askem team members) will be able to see that this feedback has been assigned on the Feedback Timeline.